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Matric | Electronic Contract Manufacturing Resources

5 min read

IPC Standards Chart for U.S.

By Matric Group on Jul 21, 2021

The IPC standards chart (or tree, in some circles) provides guidelines for the production and assembly requirements of electronics manufacturing companies. Each “code” on the tree is a standard or document outlining the guidelines or requirements for building an assembly.

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3 min read

Story of an American Electronics Manufacturer Pt. 1: The 1970s

By Matric Group on Jul 20, 2021

The year is 1971. Carole King's' hit single "I Feel The Earth Move" is playing through a Plymouth Volare as two electrical engineers/teachers enter a vo-tech school in Oil City, Pa.  It is there that Lee Richey and Andy Maitland will meet and form Matric Limited.

The two teachers were electrical engineers and graduates of DeVry Technical Institute but would not meet one another until their teaching stints in Oil City. 

With their classrooms side-by-side, they found they shared a passion for ham radios, and before long, they opened a small design and repair shop in Andy's mothers' basement.  

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4 min read

Electronic Component Shortages Update -- 2022 and Beyond

By Matric Group on Jul 08, 2021

Electronic component shortages have been a hindrance on booming electronics marketplaces since 2018. While new orders roll in and production remains steady, there simply haven’t been enough capacitors, resistors and other parts to go around.

After tariffs were imposed on imported Chinese goods and factories were shut down due to the coronavirus, OEMs raced to understand what was ahead for their already-constrained inventory. But, COVID-19 was not the only culprit -- it's actually exposed pre-existing cracks in the supply chain.

Here's why 2022 is shaping up to be another difficult year:

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5 min read

Best PCB Substrate Types For Your Board

By Matric Group on Jun 01, 2021

Most often, the foundation, or base, of a printed circuit board (PCB) consists of a substrate and laminate. Different PCB laminate and substrate types determine how the PCB will perform. So, selecting the right types of PCB material for the intended purposes is critical to achieving the best possible:

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9 min read

11 PCB Design Tips for Photovoltaic/Solar Panel Electronics

By Matric Group on May 07, 2021

When designing solar-powered embedded systems intended for outdoor applications, durability, performance, and energy efficiency are a perfect storm of considerations. The dream is to balance all three, but how can you make that a reality?

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5 min read

How to Get Accurate PCB Quotes From an Electronics Contract Manufacturer

By Matric Group on Apr 23, 2021

When outsourcing your printed circuit board (PCB), electronics box build, or cable assembly to an electronics contract manufacturer, you expect a fast, accurate quote up front. It’s in the best interest of both OEM and manufacturer to prioritize accuracy from the beginning.

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5 min read

Electronics Manufacturing Services: Equipment Your Partner Should Have

By Matric Group on Apr 05, 2021

Today a growing number of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) outsource some of their work to electronics contract manufacturers (ECMs). The ECMs are crucial partners when bringing your product to the market. However, while there are plenty of electronic manufacturing companies to choose from, not all are equal.

Selecting the ideal one can ensure a smooth manufacturing journey from design to aftermarket support. But, how will you ensure that you are partnering up with the right ECMs that you can truly put your trust in? 

We ‘ve come up with a list of equipment your partner should have, plus other factors to guide your outsourcing process.

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23 min read

Glossary: Terms Your Electronics Contract Manufacturer May Use

By Matric Group on Mar 29, 2021

When talking with salespeople, design engineers, and other contacts within an electronic contract manufacturer, you may hear a lot of terms thrown about. Many of them -- often turned into acronyms are said with the assumption that you know what they mean.

For engineers and especially purchasers, this can be a pain -- especially if you’re trying to read design recommendations, testing results, or that quote you requested.

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4 min read

What Is the ISO 14001 Standard for Electronics Manufacturing?

By Matric Group on Mar 19, 2021

If you’re looking for an electronics contract manufacturer, what are the most important factors you consider? Is it the price or quality of the product? Maybe it’s Nadcap or AS9100 compliance

Topics: Dynamic Matric standards & certifications environment materials
4 min read

How to Tell Tombstone Defects in PCBs ‘Rest in Peace’

By Matric Group on Mar 04, 2021

Working with small circuit board areas can increase the risk of various PCB defects, tombstoning in particular. 

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