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4 min read

How to Tell Tombstone Defects in PCBs ‘Rest in Peace’

By Matric on Mar 04, 2021

Working with small circuit board areas can increase the risk of various PCB defects, tombstoning in particular. 

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4 min read

INFOGRAPHIC: Conformal Coatings vs. Potting/Encapsulation

By Matric on Feb 23, 2021

The electronics sector is one of the most dynamic industries, with virtually unlimited applications. This is why its growth is expected to remain steady in the coming years. 

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3 min read

Electronic Component Shortages Update -- 2021 and Beyond

By Matric on Feb 08, 2021

Electronic component shortages have been a hindrance on a booming electronics marketplace throughout 2018, 2019, and into 2020. While new orders roll in and production remains steady, there simply haven’t been enough capacitors, resistors and other parts to go around.

With the addition of tariffs on imported Chinese goods and mandatory factory shutdowns due to COVID-19, most contract manufacturers are racing to understand what’s ahead for their already-constrained supply chain. And with a resurgence of COVID-19, 2021 is shaping up to be another difficult year. 

Topics: Components Trends Dynamic Matric data & analysis
5 min read

All You Need to Know About Rigid-Flex PCB Design Guidelines

By Matric on Jan 19, 2021

Rigid-flex PCBs (printed circuit boards) combine the best traits of both rigid PCBs and flexible PCBs, making it easier for manufacturers to install PCBs in small spaces. The added flexibility enables manufacturers to maneuver boards precisely and with ease during installation.

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5 min read

Common Causes of PCB Failure

By Matric on Jan 15, 2021

Printed circuit boards, or PCBs, are essentially the lifeblood of the devices we use every day. Cellphones, TVs, cars, street lights and so many other devices rely on PCBs, which is why it can be extremely disruptive when one fails.

Topics: PCB Layout Aftermarket Services Components PCB assembly Testing & Inspection Dynamic Matric
5 min read

Getting a PCB Quote Comparison? Ask These ?s First

By Matric on Jan 07, 2021

As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), your success greatly depends on your products' functionality and durability. In this regard, the printed circuit boards (PCBs) you use are arguably the most important aspect. Serving as the heart of electronic components, PCBs have a wide range of applications, such as connecting various components via a series of related circuits.

Topics: PCB assembly Costs Dynamic Matric data & analysis products & services prototyping
5 min read

Nadcap vs. AS9100 Standard for Electronics: What's the Difference?

By Matric on Dec 22, 2020

If there's one thing that takes center stage in the aerospace industry, it's safety. This, of course, comes hand in hand with high-quality components.

Topics: Electronic manufacturing services Testing & Inspection Dynamic Matric standards & certifications Aerospace/Defense
4 min read

Custom Designed Printed Circuit Board: Is Your Volume Worth It?

By Matric on Dec 15, 2020

So, you’ve made the choice to design a custom PCB for your design. Instead of buying off the shelf electronics.. but what’s next? 

Topics: PCB Layout Electronic manufacturing services Components PCB assembly Dynamic Matric pitch control systems pitch actuator systems products & services prototyping
5 min read

Common PCB Defects: What Causes a Circuit Board to Burn?

By Matric on Dec 08, 2020

While there are many common printed circuit board defects, one of the most notorious is burnt components. It's also, unfortunately, one of the most damaging defects, as it can be difficult to repair and challenging to diagnose where the issue stemmed from. 

Topics: PCB Layout Electronic manufacturing services Components PCB assembly Dynamic Matric Warnings and faults
4 min read

PCB Assembly Services: Through-Hole Vs. Surface Mount

By Matric on Dec 03, 2020

As electronics have become increasingly embedded in our day-to-day, the manufacturing process for printed circuit boards (PCBs) has adapted. Electronics have become smaller and smaller, and the PCBs that go in those products have had to shrink to keep up. The demand for tiny PCBs has led to a drastic increase in the use of surface mount technology (SMT) -- which has taken over the traditional through-hole manufacturing process that dominated electronics into the 1980s.

Topics: PCB Layout Electronic manufacturing services Components PCB assembly Dynamic Matric