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3 min read

How Much Does a PCB Prototype Cost?

By Matric on Oct 27, 2020

Prototyping isn’t reserved for high-tech vehicles or revolutionary consumer gadgets. It’s also a great practice for manufacturing printed circuit boards. 

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4 min read

PCB Assembly Cost Breakdown

By Matric on Mar 19, 2020

PCB (printed circuit board) costs are a concern for any electronics designers or manufacturers -- both the materials that go into PCBs and the expertise required to make them safe and reliable.

Topics: Components PCB assembly Costs Matric prototyping
12 min read

What Does an Electronic Manufacturing Services Company Do?

By Matric on Dec 09, 2019

Do you work for an original equipment manufacturer, or OEM? Chance are you’ve crossed paths with a project requiring an electronic manufacturing services company.

Topics: PCB Layout Electronic manufacturing services PCB assembly Testing & Inspection Dynamic Matric products & services obsolescence management prototyping
11 min read

Capabilities of an Electronic Manufacturing Services Company

By Matric on Oct 30, 2019

Topics: PCB Layout Electronic manufacturing services Aftermarket Services Components PCB assembly Dynamic Matric obsolescence management prototyping
5 min read

4 PCB Prototyping Service Options

By Matric on Oct 25, 2019

As electronics OEM engineers well know, the printed circuit board (PCB) is crucial to the proper operation of just about every electronics product manufactured today. And complex electronics products for important jobs like mining, medical devices, and aerospace must be 100% failsafe.

Topics: Electronic manufacturing services Dynamic Matric prototyping