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6 min read

Worth It to Outsource PCB Assembly Services? Definitely

By Matric on Jul 28, 2020

More manufacturers these days are realizing the benefits of using external PCB assembly services versus a DIY approach. Allowing an electronics contractor to lend its expertise has resulted in happier, more efficient OEMs.

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4 min read

The Cost of PCB Repair Services Vs. E-Wasting Your Budget

By Matric on Jul 10, 2020

Plastic waste may snag all of the headlines, but it's not the only type of waste overwhelming landfills and contaminating soil and water.

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4 min read

5 Electronic Enclosure Design Guidelines

By Matric on May 12, 2020

Electronic devices are the sum of their parts, including the box in which you house them. 

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4 min read

What Does PCB In-Circuit Testing Cost?

By Matric on Mar 23, 2020

Tests for printed circuit boards (PCBs) come in many varieties based on cost, breadth, time, and other factors. There are many ways to test your PCB, but in-circuit testing, known as ICT, is the most advanced and accurate method. 

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4 min read

PCB Assembly Cost Breakdown

By Matric on Mar 19, 2020

PCB (printed circuit board) costs are a concern for any electronics designers or manufacturers -- both the materials that go into PCBs and the expertise required to make them safe and reliable.

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5 min read

7 Benefits of Advanced Electronics Remanufacturing for Transportation

By Matric on Mar 03, 2020

There’s no perfect playbook to establishing and maintaining major transportation projects like subways, bus systems, and other transit developments.

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3 min read

7 No-Brainer Reasons to Prototype Your PCB Assembly

By Matric on Sep 13, 2019

Prototyping is just as important to the electronics manufacturing process as designing, engineering, and testing. Ignore it at your own risk.

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5 min read

China Tariffs: How Will They Affect Electronics Manufacturers?

By Matric on Sep 10, 2019

NOTE: This article was updated on September 16, 2019 to reflect recent information regarding tariffs.

Two days after Independence Day 2018, President Donald Trump’s aggressive new tariffs went into effect, imposing an extra 25% tax on imported Chinese goods. This affected over $50 billion worth of “industrially significant technologies” used by U.S. electronics manufacturers and their buyers. 

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3 min read

What Is a PCB Solderability Test?

By Matric on Jul 08, 2019

Solder is what makes the electrical connections work on your printed circuit board (PCB). Solderability, then, measures how well metal is wetted by molten solder to secure those connections. It’s one of the most essential PCB testing methods.

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3 min read

8 Steps to Electronic Product Design With Surface Mount Technology

By Matric on May 16, 2019

If you’re considering switching an existing electronic product design from through-hole technology to surface mount technology (SMT), you’ll want to do your homework first.

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