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REACH vs. RoHS Compliance for Electronics Manufacturing

By Matric on Oct 14, 2020

Confused about REACH vs. RoHS compliance? You’re not alone. These two sets of electronics manufacturing guidelines were born from the European Union’s concern for human health and the environment.

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4 min read

‘Intrinsically Safe’ Design Guidelines for Electrical Devices

By Matric on Jul 16, 2020

When turned on, electrical equipment generates sparks. Some equipment generates heat that can lead to ignition, while electric arcing occurs between gaps in electrodes. 
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3 min read

RoHS-Compliant Countries That Aren’t Actually RoHS-Compliant

By Matric on Jul 06, 2020

It seems simple enough. If you’re a manufacturer who uses electronic components to build your products for American or international markets, you need RoHS 3 compliance. The U.S., China, and other countries have established electronics manufacturing standards on dangerous materials, closely styled after the EU’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances

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6 min read

RoHS 2 Compliance & Directives Checklist

By Matric on Jun 22, 2020

In 2006, the European Union rolled out a directive restricting the use of certain hazardous chemicals. This directive, Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), would have a far-reaching impact on the electronics industry. Its restrictions on using lead would send manufacturers scrambling to revise their practices or adopt entirely new ones. Thanks to a follow-up directive in 2011, manufacturers now hustle to meet RoHS 2 compliance.

Yes, it’s not a punitive law full of fines and penalties. But if you’re a U.S. company, noncompliance is basically an impassable barrier to entry to the EU trade market. So if you want to do business abroad, don’t mess around -- comply.

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What Does the IPC 6011 Standard Mean to PCB Manufacturing?

By Matric on Jun 08, 2020

In the strict world of printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication and manufacturing, one key factor in the OEM’s success is paying close attention to industry standards. The guiding light for PCB manufacturing is IPC 6011. 

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What Is REACH Compliance? | Electronics Manufacturing Standards

By Matric on Feb 19, 2020

Understanding your marketing is key to a successful product run. That applies not only to your customers, but their home country as well.

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5 min read

Aerospace Electronics PCB Assembly & Design Guide

By Matric on Feb 14, 2020

You’ve heard about the many great feats and discoveries in the aerospace industry. You’ve also heard about the tragedies that have happened when a design has gone wrong.

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6 min read

All About MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) Regulations

By Matric on Jan 30, 2020

Just about any piece of electronics can be dangerous when they’re manufactured poorly. But when you’re manufacturing for the mining industry, you’re in especially big trouble if your product is a liability in the field.

Topics: Intrinsically Safe Testing & Inspection Dynamic Matric standards & certifications
4 min read

What Is AS9100 Certification for Electronics Manufacturing?

By Matric on Dec 03, 2019

When an OEM is sourcing out work -- let alone aerospace electronics manufacturing -- it’s likely to come across companies that boast about all sorts of certifications and capabilities.

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5 min read

Electronics Manufacturing Plant Security Procedures Your ECM Must Use

By Matric on Nov 01, 2019

You probably take plenty of steps to protect intellectual property at your OEM. But what about the other guys handling your sensitive secrets?

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