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2020 Electronics Manufacturing Trade Shows You Don’t Want to Miss

By Matric on Jun 23, 2020

Even in our vastly internet-dominated world, nothing has quite replicated the impact of a face-to-face discussion with vendors and fellow engineers. Electronics manufacturing trade shows are valued for their inherent ability to establish a relationship and answer questions in ways you simply cannot achieve via email or over the phone.

Electronic contract manufacturers use these shows to break ground with engineers and purchasers in a variety of fields. Let’s take a look at some of the best electronics manufacturing expos out there for you to start meeting great new partners and vendors in the next year or two.

This list has been updated to account for postponed and rescheduled shows affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

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3 min read

Coronavirus & How Electronic Medical Device Manufacturers Can Cope

By Matric on Mar 31, 2020

As you know painfully well, the coronavirus is causing growing demand for medical ventilators and other "life-sustaining" devices. As hospital visits begin to surge, the medical device supply chain is being stretched thin.

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4 min read

Electronic Component Shortages Update -- What's In Store for 2020?

By Matric on Jan 27, 2020

Electronic component shortages have been a hindrance on a booming electronics marketplace throughout 2018, 2019, and into 2020. While new orders roll in and production remains steady, there simply haven’t been enough capacitors, resistors and other parts to go around.

With the addition of tariffs on imported Chinese goods introduced, most contract manufacturers are racing to understand what’s ahead for their already-constrained supply chain.

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5 min read

China Tariffs: How Will They Affect Electronics Manufacturers?

By Matric on Sep 10, 2019

NOTE: This article was updated on September 16, 2019 to reflect recent information regarding tariffs.

Two days after Independence Day 2018, President Donald Trump’s aggressive new tariffs went into effect, imposing an extra 25% tax on imported Chinese goods. This affected over $50 billion worth of “industrially significant technologies” used by U.S. electronics manufacturers and their buyers. 

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3 min read

How’s the Electronic Component Shortage Looking in 2019 so Far?

By Matric on May 14, 2019

Two things are fairly certain about the current electronic component shortage: It’ll end, and it’ll someday return.

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5 min read

How Regulations Impact Your Electronics Manufacturing Supply Chain

By Matric on Apr 15, 2019

The electronics manufacturing supply chain ranks #1 as a source of risk to many OEMs. These snags include environmental and other international regulations, which at times may seem as tangled as the wires behind your desktop.

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3 min read

RS485 Vs. RS232: What's the Difference?

By Matric on Mar 20, 2019

Among the serial data interfaces -- SPI, Flex I2C, and many more -- available for electronic equipment, two stand out for their longevity. In spite of the dozens of new kids on the block, RS232 and RS485 remain popular.

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Tariffs on Electronics From China: Another Delay

By Matric on Feb 27, 2019

If there's anything certain in the U.S.-China tariffs staredown, it's uncertainty.

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4 min read

Moving to a Wireless Industrial Control: IoT & More

By Matric on Feb 27, 2019

Many industrial and manufacturing operations are looking closely at wireless industrial controls to see what benefits they offer. These wireless systems definitely have advantages -- enabling your systems to communicate more effectively with one another and with your team -- but they require an investment in time and capital to utilize.

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5 min read

Is China Spy Chip a Supply Chain Snag for OEM Electronics Companies?

By Matric on Oct 17, 2018

On Oct. 4, a story by Bloomberg that detailed allegations of China’s military infiltration into servers used by about 30 U.S. companies and top government agencies sent shockwaves across the tech industry. According to Bloomberg, Chinese spies sneaked tiny microchips capable of editing code from a remote location into motherboards of servers made by the world’s leading server maker – Super Micro Computer, commonly referred to as Supermicro.

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