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4 min read

PCB LED Design for Safety

By Matric on Aug 12, 2020

At this point, we’re all familiar with light emitting diode (LED) lights. From the bright, efficient bulbs replacing the old filament lamps, to the flashy, colorful strips mounted behind TVs and monitors. 

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6 min read

Worth It to Outsource PCB Assembly Services? Definitely

By Matric on Jul 28, 2020

More manufacturers these days are realizing the benefits of using external PCB assembly services versus a DIY approach. Allowing an electronics contractor to lend its expertise has resulted in happier, more efficient OEMs.

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4 min read

7 Types of PCB Soldering Defects to Watch Out For

By Matric on Jul 22, 2020

Let’s face it, soldering is difficult. It takes years of training to get good at the right kinds of solders, and even machines don’t always get it 100% right. It’s inevitable that you’ll run into PCB soldering defects at one point or another. 

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4 min read

The Cost of PCB Repair Services Vs. E-Wasting Your Budget

By Matric on Jul 10, 2020

Plastic waste may snag all of the headlines, but it's not the only type of waste overwhelming landfills and contaminating soil and water.

Topics: Aftermarket Services PCB assembly Costs Dynamic Matric obsolescence management
4 min read

What Does the IPC 6011 Standard Mean to PCB Manufacturing?

By Matric on Jun 08, 2020

In the strict world of printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication and manufacturing, one key factor in the OEM’s success is paying close attention to industry standards. The guiding light for PCB manufacturing is IPC 6011. 

Topics: PCB assembly Testing & Inspection Dynamic Matric standards & certifications
4 min read

PCB Engineering Services: 4 Qualities to Look For

By Matric on May 20, 2020

When you’re looking for a PCB engineering services provider, there are, of course, multiple things to consider. “Will they be able to meet my specific needs?” is likely your first and foremost concern. 

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4 min read

5 Electronic Enclosure Design Guidelines

By Matric on May 12, 2020

Electronic devices are the sum of their parts, including the box in which you house them. 

Topics: Intrinsically Safe PCB assembly Costs Dynamic Matric
4 min read

Rigid PCB Vs. Flexible PCB Design

By Matric on Mar 26, 2020

The products that your organization is preparing to develop call for printed circuit boards (PCBs) -- simple enough, right? Not exactly. Components and boards come in many shapes, sizes, and materials.

Topics: PCB Layout Components PCB assembly Matric
4 min read

PCB Assembly Cost Breakdown

By Matric on Mar 19, 2020

PCB (printed circuit board) costs are a concern for any electronics designers or manufacturers -- both the materials that go into PCBs and the expertise required to make them safe and reliable.

Topics: Components PCB assembly Costs Matric prototyping
5 min read

Aerospace Electronics PCB Assembly & Design Guide

By Matric on Feb 14, 2020

You’ve heard about the many great feats and discoveries in the aerospace industry. You’ve also heard about the tragedies that have happened when a design has gone wrong.

Topics: PCB Layout Components PCB assembly Testing & Inspection Dynamic Matric standards & certifications