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Recent posts by Matric

3 min read

What Are MIL-STD Electronics?

By Matric on Dec 01, 2020

When outsourcing electronics manufacturing, there’s more to consider than just price.  Often, the best electronic contract manufacturers (ECMs) are the ones that have the necessary industry-specific certifications. 

Topics: Electronic manufacturing services Dynamic Matric standards & certifications Aerospace/Defense
4 min read

Lead vs. Lead-Free Solder in PCB Manufacturing

By Matric on Nov 24, 2020

OEM circuit board applications cover a wide range of consumer and commercial products, from automobiles to microwaves to IoT devices that automate the functioning of smart facilities. 

Topics: PCB Layout Electronic manufacturing services Components Dynamic Matric products & services
5 min read

What to Do About PCB Failure

By Matric on Nov 17, 2020

When printed circuit boards fail, you can face costly and potentially disastrous consequences. So how do you pick up the pieces afterward?

Understanding the common causes of PCB failure and the tools available to prevent future failures can minimize the stress and cost of dealing with dead PCBs. 

Topics: Aftermarket Services Testing & Inspection Dynamic Matric products & services obsolescence management
4 min read

HDI PCBs For Medical Device Electronics Design

By Matric on Nov 10, 2020

Topics: PCB Layout Electronic manufacturing services Dynamic Matric medical devices
3 min read

What Nadcap Accreditation Means for Electronic Contract Manufacturing

By Matric on Nov 03, 2020

When searching for a reliable electronics contract manufacturing (ECM), one of the first questions you’ll probably ask is, “What certifications do they have?”

While many ECMs are RoHS, MSHA, or IPC 6011 compliant, not all have Nadcap accreditation. 

Topics: Electronic manufacturing services PCB assembly Dynamic Matric standards & certifications Aerospace/Defense
6 min read

Aerospace Electronics PCB Assembly & Design Guide

By Matric on Oct 30, 2020

You’ve heard about the many great feats and discoveries in the aerospace industry. You’ve also heard about the tragedies that have happened when a design has gone wrong.

Topics: PCB Layout Components PCB assembly Testing & Inspection Dynamic Matric standards & certifications
3 min read

How Much Does a PCB Prototype Cost?

By Matric on Oct 27, 2020

Prototyping isn’t reserved for high-tech vehicles or revolutionary consumer gadgets. It’s also a great practice for manufacturing printed circuit boards. 

Topics: PCB Layout Components PCB assembly Costs Dynamic Matric prototyping
9 min read

Types of Conformal Coating for PCB Protection

By Matric on Oct 19, 2020

With the rise of IoT and technology in general, electronics are featured in myriad environments. This means that sensitive electronic connections are potentially exposed to hazards like extreme temperatures, moisture, and dust that can harm components and disrupt the integrity of the assembly itself.

Topics: PCB assembly Dynamic Matric
4 min read

REACH vs. RoHS Compliance for Electronics Manufacturing

By Matric on Oct 14, 2020

Confused about REACH vs. RoHS compliance? You’re not alone. These two sets of electronics manufacturing guidelines were born from the European Union’s concern for human health and the environment.

Topics: Electronic manufacturing services PCB assembly Dynamic Matric Warnings and faults standards & certifications
4 min read

Outsourcing Electronics Manufacturing: Onshore or Offshore?

By Matric on Oct 06, 2020

It’s time for your organization to begin production of a new electronic device. For one reason or another, you’re in no position to take care of the work in-house. This means that you need to find a good partner to outsource the effort.

Topics: Components Trends Costs Dynamic Matric products & services