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5 min read

Common Causes of PCB Failure

Printed circuit boards, or PCBs, are essentially the lifeblood of the devices we use every day. Cellphones, TVs, cars,...

5 min read

Getting a PCB Quote Comparison? Ask These ?s First

As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), your success greatly depends on your products' functionality and...

5 min read

Nadcap vs. AS9100 Standard for Electronics: What's the Difference?

If there's one thing that takes center stage in the aerospace industry, it's safety. This, of course, comes hand in...

4 min read

Custom Designed Printed Circuit Board: Is Your Volume Worth It?

So, you’ve made the choice to design a custom PCB for your design. Instead of buying off the shelf electronics.. but...

5 min read

Common PCB Defects: What Causes a Circuit Board to Burn?

While there are many common printed circuit board defects, one of the most notorious is burnt components. It's also,...

4 min read

PCB Assembly Services: Through-Hole Vs. Surface Mount

As electronics have become increasingly embedded in our day-to-day, the manufacturing process for printed circuit...

3 min read

What Are MIL-STD Electronics?

When outsourcing electronics manufacturing, there’s more to consider than just price.  Often, the best electronic...

4 min read

Lead vs. Lead-Free Solder in PCB Manufacturing

OEM circuit board applications cover a wide range of consumer and commercial products, from automobiles to microwaves...

5 min read

What to Do About PCB Failure

When printed circuit boards fail, you can face costly and potentially disastrous consequences. So how do you pick up...

4 min read

HDI PCBs For Medical Device Electronics Design

PCBs have been getting smaller for the past few decades, and few industries have taken more advantage of that than the...