Beware These 6 Printed Circuit Board Layout Pitfalls

Jul 18, 2018

PCB Layout

Printed circuit boards are vital components of many modern-day electrical gadgets. Printed circuit board layout is made up of numerous layers of copper traces and circuits that help make connections between various parts, as well as plastic and other types of ...

Simplify Your First Article Inspection for Electronics in 6 Steps

Jul 16, 2018

Testing & Inspection


PCB Layout Design for Manufacturability: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Jul 13, 2018

PCB Layout, Costs

Optimizing PCB layout design for manufacturability is one of the most crucial aspects of your product’s development process. Key decisions made during the design stage often have a tremendous impact on the cost and success of your product’s manufacturing and ...

Your ECM Should Be Using a Third-Party Electronic Component Database

Perhaps the most groan-inducing aspect of electronics manufacturing is component sourcing. Limited availability, dubious component quality, and conflict mineral laws are common causes of you and your manufacturer’s headaches when it comes to sourcing parts. ...

China Tariffs: How Will They Affect Your Electronics Manufacturers?

Jul 09, 2018

Components, Trends, Costs

Two days after Independence Day, President Donald Trump’s aggressive new tariffs went into effect, imposing an extra 25% tax on imported Chinese goods. This will affect over $50 billion worth of “industrially significant technologies,” and could have a significant ...

Why Electronic Component Lead Times Are Rising -- & 3 Ways to Prepare

Jun 26, 2018

Components, Trends

If your manufacturing projects involve electronics, you’re likely facing the challenge of extended electronic component lead times. Certain parts that used to take 12 weeks to come in are now taking upward of 30 weeks. Some parts even take a full year to arrive. ...

EMS Company Embarks on a New, Exciting Chapter

(The Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development's PA Proud blog recently spoke with Matric Group President and CEO Rick Turner to learn how our growing, innovative EMS company utilized the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority [PIDA] ...

Electronics Manufacturing Trade Shows You Don’t Want to Miss

Even in our vastly internet-dominated world, nothing has quite replicated the impact of a face-to-face discussion with vendors and fellow engineers. Electronics manufacturing trade shows are valued for their inherent ability to establish a relationship and answer ...

How Burn-In Testing Can Save You A Lot of Money – And Trouble

Jun 20, 2018

Aftermarket Services, Costs

Testing and inspection are vital parts of electronics contract manufacturing, for obvious reasons. Before that shipment of PCBs arrives on your doorstep, you want to be sure you’re getting what you paid for -- a properly assembled, fully functional circuit board. ...

Embedded Systems & IOT in Electronics Manufacturing – An Explainer

Jun 18, 2018


Perhaps without realizing it, you use embedded systems and IoT every single day of your life. “I use what?” you might’ve just asked....