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Electronic Manufacturing Services Company

Consolidating services is a great way to reduce costs, lead times, & confusion. Unfortunately, most electronics contract manufacturers (ECMs) don’t offer services throughout all stages of the development process. 

Since Matric and Dynamic do -- from design to production to repair -- we wanted to explain the capabilities of an all-in-one electronic manufacturing services company. Keep reading and you'll find that ECMs can handle more in-house than you realize!

An All-in-1 Electronics Manufacturing Services Company Should Do This ...

Electronics Manufacturing Services

Electronics manufacturing services are offered by companies that design, test, build, deliver, or provide aftermarket electronic parts and assembly services. The size and scope of those services depend on whom you work with -- for example, we specialize in high-mix, low-to-mid-volume assemblies.

There are two ways to put a printed circuit board (PCB) together -- through-hole and surface mount technology (SMT). Because we’ve used surface mount since the late 1980s, we can take your aging through-hole product and convert it to a more modern SMT design. This is possible thanks to state-of-the-art machinery that’s improved both speed and accuracy. Again, not every SMT PCB assembly supplier can do this, so research before you send a quote.


  • Prototyping through production quantities
  • Laser ID marking on PCBs
  • Conformal coating
  • Repair and revision upgrading
  • Burn-in and thermal cycling
  • Complete turnkey & box build assembly

A few of these deserve further explanation.

Surface Mount Technology Assembly Services

Here are the specific capabilities Matric Group (Matric + Dynamic) works with:

  • 6 automatic SMT assembly systems
  • IPC-certified, lead-free processes with RoHS compliance
  • Ball grid array & micro BGA
  • High-speed line capable of placing 100,000 parts/hr.

PCB Testing & Prototyping Services

No matter the order volume or complexity, your ECM should aggressively pursue a goal of zero defects. Matric Group uses a wide variety of PCB testing methods to monitor quality, including:

Electromechanical Box Build Services

  • Steel, aluminum, or plastic enclosures
  • Custom packaging for shipment
  • Intrinsically safe electronics design & manufacturing
  • 3D modeling

Electronics Engineering Services

Electronic design services should turn your product concept into a reality, no matter the complexity. And the experience and skill of your PCB design company should be on display from initial discussions through final product validation.

All products need to be well-built, often attractive, and sometimes both. Matric Group routinely develops custom housings in conjunction with PCB form factors. We’ll advise you on the ideal material, whether it’s stainless steel, aluminum, or injection-molded plastic.


  • Analog and digital contract PCB design
  • Schematic capture and contract PCB layout
  • RF design and site assessment
  • Intrinsically safe power, barriers, & systems
  • Enclosure design & 3D modeling
  • Power switching circuits & drive
  • Breadboarding, prototypes, & simulation
  • DFX & DFM analysis
  • Validation
    • Environmental Compliance
    • CE precertification assessment
    • Custom test fixtures & procedures
    • HALF (Highly accelerated life testing)
    • DFMEA (design failure modes & effects analysis)
    • Electromagnetic immunity & emissions compliance

OEMs should expect support with product development that meets ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and AS 9100 standards. Matric Group will do that while also validating your product through recognized industry standards


Custom Cable Assemblies

Custom cable and mechanical assembly can also be a one-stop experience.

Specializing in harsh environment cables, Matric crafts reliable cables for mining, medical, instrumentation, and other fields.

With a certified quality management system, your contract electronics manufacturer should be able to engineer, test, and produce quality cable assemblies ranging from micro push-pull connectors to harnesses and complex mechanical subassemblies.

Cable Assembly Services

  • Refurbishing & updating capabilities
  • Dedicated engineering staff
  • Certified hand soldering
  • Build to IPC-WHMA-A-620


Cable Assembly Products

  • Custom cable assemblies
  • Harsh-environment cable assemblies
  • Custom cable & wire harnesses
  • Mechanical subassemblies
  • Control panels/boxes
  • Panel wiring & assembly
  • Fine pitch down to 01005 parts


Custom Overmold Capabilities

  • 30-ton, 5 oz. plastic injection molding machine
  • Custom mold design
  • Variety of modular molds in stock
  • PVC, polypropylene, & santoprene


Specialty Tools & Equipment

  • Automatic wire strip & over 250 crimping tools in stock
  • Automatic test equipment
  • Continuity & HiPot OmniTester equipment
  • Positioners, die sets
  • Insertion & extraction tools

Aftermarket Services

Your ECM’s commitment to customer satisfaction must continue long after product delivery.

Check for three qualities in an electronics aftermarket services provider: experience, expertise, and technology. For example, Matric Group keeps the customer’s supply chain going with product upgrades, calibration, and repair services handled by state-of-the-art equipment run by skilled technicians.

Regardless of where your industrial or consumer was made or what it was made for, your electronics manufacturing services provider should have the know-how to service it properly.


  • Calibration
  • Refurbishing
  • Remanufacturing
  • Automated system simulation
  • Burn-in
  • Component-level troubleshooting
  • Electrical & electromechanical


Products Serviced

  • Underground mining electronics
  • Industrial cabling
  • RF handhelds & base stations
  • Single-board computers
  • Consumer electronics
  • Distributed control systems
  • Displays & HMI devices


Additional Capabilities

  • Cleaning
  • High-pressure spray washer
  • Low-temperature drying oven
  • Sandblasting
  • Proprietary cable-cleaning machine (cleans any length in seconds)
  • Two-sets-of-eyes inspections
  • Thermal testing
  • Painting facility
  • Conformal coating
  • Repair analysis by part number, product group, or by customer
  • Bringing units back to OEM specifications

Obsolescence Management

Losing a critical component at the wrong time can make life very hard for OEM teams trying to get a product to market.

Fortunately, your ECM can employ several tools, strategies, and services your ECM can employ to take the burden of electronics obsolescence management off your shoulders.

1. Component Forecasting

The best way to succeed with forecasting is to ensure the customer/supplier communication channel is always open.

Talk to your ECM about what’s coming up. It should orchestrate the last-time buy and NCNR (noncancelable, nonreturnable) orders you need to keep the supply chain well-oiled.

2. Component Inventory

It’s hard to be mindful of your stock when so much else is going on at the office.

Offload your inventory management headache to an ECM. Component inventory management makes sure you’re not stuck with unpopulated boards you can’t fill, or with boards, you have to redo from scratch.

3. Engineering

Work with an electronics manufacturer that treats your case as unique.

When the right ECM handles your lifecycle management, you’ll get:

  • A prompt heads-up
  • Troubleshooting
  • A solution that’s as cost-effective as possible without impacting performance.

4. SiliconExpert

Nobody expects you to have your bill of materials memorized. That’s why we work with SiliconExpert to organize all component manufacturer data into a single, regularly updated program.

Anytime a component’s on life support, you’ll get a quick alert.

Click here for an in-depth explanation of obsolescence management.


The Role of Turnkey Electronics Manufacturing

Surprised how much the right electronics contract manufacturer can do? Don’t be -- there are reasons the best electronics manufacturers offer all-in-one services:

  • Full understanding of your project and goals (and fewer miscommunications)
  • More invested in its success
  • Fewer shipping and transportation costs and delays

If you’d like to learn more about what turnkey PCB manufacturing is all about, click the graphic below.

Your PCB Solution

(Editor's note: This blog was originally published in October 2019 and was updated in August 2022 to reflect current information.)

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