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Life Working for an Electronics Contract  Manufacturer

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It’s your first week on the job and your supervisor calls a floor meeting. A mine that contracts our services had a structural issue, but thanks to our electrical failsafe components, no lives were lost. That's how life could be if you worked in electronics manufacturing  

As a contract manufacturing company, we specialize in producing electronic assemblies for industries ranging from aerospace to health care. We can help you take your love of tinkering and turn it into a skill set that will have real-world impacts. 

Here are the many benefits -- both literal and opportunity-wise -- of starting an electronics manufacturing career with Dynamic.

Be a Part of Everything We Have Built

Teddy Roosevelt once said, “I am a part of everything that I have read.”  Dynamic’s philosophy is “we are a part of everything we have built.”  To design, assemble, or repair a product that impacts everyday life is what Dynamic does.  We specialize in printed circuit boards (PCBs) that go inside high-priority electronics, including:

  • Design engineering
  • Layout and assembly
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Aftermarket services (repairs, maintenance, etc.)

While you may not think of PCB manufacturing as life-saving, the boards we design and assemble each day significantly impact the well-being of our clients and the public. 

Our PCB designs can be found in medical devices that detect dangerous heart rhythms and deliver a treatment shock, aerospace equipment used in the exploration of extracting water ice on the moon, and mining systems (both industrial and handheld), that protect workers from preventable accidents.

PCB testing is another important segment of our work. When a board is faulty, the consequences can be severe, even life-threatening. Working with us, with a little training you can use your problem-solving capabilities to identify any issues with the board and rectify them to ensure a properly functioning final product.   

Coming to work at Dynamic means being a part of creating equipment that will protect and connect the world.

The Creative Culture of Electronics Manufacturing

Much like we’re a turnkey PCB manufacturer, we have a “turnkey” culture.

In manufacturing terms, “turnkey” means a start-to-finish solution. Working at Dynamic allows you to take a customer’s rough idea, use your creativity and tinkering skills, and significantly impact the final outcome.

Take those skills you’ve already developed during your free time or at vocational classes, and start gaining income and experience with them!

You invest in us....We invest in you! 

It’s no surprise that PCB contract manufacturing requires a lot of training and certifications. When working with parts that will be under extreme pressure in a mine, or in the vacuum of space, ensuring quality is a must.  When you come to work at Dynamic we pay for your training anywhere from $4-10K in the first year alone. 

Depending on what department and position you will be trained in the following areas:

  • J-STD soldering - Comprehensive solder training program
  • IPC 610 - Dealing with the acceptable conditions of a PCB
  • IPC 620 - Deals with the acceptable standard for cables/wires
  • IPC component ID - Comprehensive component identification certification

Continued training and certifications aren’t the only way we help you develop your skills. Dynamic offers a tuition reimbursement program of up to 80% of your class costs. 

We love to reward personal growth. As you complete your certifications, training, and any collegiate work, your career opportunities will increase! 

Working for Dynamic also has other benefits including: 

  • 10 paid holidays
  • paid vacation and paid time off
  • profit sharing 
  • 401(k) plus company match
  • life insurance -company paid and supplemental
  • health insurance and flexible spending account
  • achievement awards
  • perk and bonuses

Coming to work for us means investing in your future, gaining applicable skills and certifications, ultimately using those skills to be a part of everything we build and make a difference in the lives of many.

Working at Dynamic 101 

So let’s review: If you have a love of electronics and tinkering with technology, we want to hire you! We’ll provide advanced training, certifications, and tuition reimbursement to set you up for success in the future.  And we will reward you with perks and awards for your dedication and commitment to our company.  So what are you waiting for? Be a part of everything.  Be a part of the #DynamicTeam!

For more information or to see available opportunities, check out our careers page or reach out to us on Facebook!

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