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What Does an Advanced Electronics Remanufacturing Company Do?

Jan 03, 2020

“If it’s broke, don’t fix it” will never fly for public transportation, mining equipment, or many other high-impact electronics projects. An electronics OEM is expected to keep things running by replacing or fixing components or entire products -- whether it’s affordable to do so or not.

Replacing broken or malfunctioning circuit boards is almost always the most economical way of extending the life cycle of industrial and commercial electronics. A supplier that offers advanced electronics remanufacturing can handle a variety of needs for your business, including:

  • PCB board repair
  • PCB troubleshooting
  • Industrial cable repair
  • Wire assembly repair
  • Harness assembly repair
  • Much more

Who Should Bother With Advanced Electronics Remanufacturing Services?

electronics remanufacturing company

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are sensitive to the point where it seems risky to breathe near one. While that’s not true, a single resistor failure can cause an entire product to fail.

Often, businesses assume they have to buy a new board to get their machine up and running again -- but this may not be the case. You can probably find PCB repair services near you that can fix the board for a fraction of the cost of replacing it.

Electronics remanufacturing companies typically work with OEMs in industries like:

  • Power generation
  • Public transportation
  • Oil and gas
  • Meters
  • Auto manufacturing
  • Heavy industrial equipment
  • Heavy press operators

Benefits of Remanufacturing Electronics

OK, so we know that repairs are cheaper than replacement orders. Let’s go a little deeper than that to see what powers remanufacturing services:

  1. Middle-market companies often can’t afford to invest in new products. If that sounds like your OEM, keep in mind you can use remanufacturing to your legacy product without needing to start from scratch. Products with few electronic components to them probably aren’t worth scrapping altogether when a few simple fixes will suffice.

  2. You often can get remanufacturing services from a contractor even if you didn’t purchase the original product from it. Just double-check with the contractor to make sure that’s true.

  3. You can prolong the life cycle of equipment in the field. Aftermarket services can minimize downtime and keep the revenue flowing. Public transportation is a perfect example -- it can take decades to have enough funding to replace aging infrastructure, not to mention the time and inconvenience. Wouldn’t it make more sense to add 10 years to the current system with some upgrades?

  4. You can lower your warranty expenses by making repairs instead of having to use a new product or scrapping the old stuff.

  5. The remanufacturer will log every repair, which makes it possible to conduct failure analysis. Discovering what is failing so you can re-engineer on the next generation is just smart business.

  6. You can reduce the environmental impact of your operation by limiting your e-waste.

Types of Electronics Repair Services

There are a lot of circuits to take to get around a problem with electronics. Sometimes the contractor recommends a combination of services.

A supplier’s cable, wire, and PCB repair techniques can include:

Refurbishing & System Rebuilds

Many industrial machines cost millions of dollars and have a limited amount of electronics in them. When those electronics fail, PCB refurbishment and/or system rebuilds make the most sense. 

You can rebuild the whole machine for less than it would cost you to replace it. The right aftermarket services provider can improve quality and cut turnaround times, too.


Electronic board repair services can be used to fix damaged:

  • Components
  • Assemblies
  • Enclosures

A good repair company can take your broken PCBs and return them good as new.


Unless you’re in the guts of a computer every day, situations pop up where you’re not sure what exactly is wrong with your product. When you’re forced to guess, it becomes a lot harder to fix the problem.

Fortunately, an aftermarket electronics repair company can figure out what’s going on much more easily than you can. Even if you don’t have the Gerber files or have already tried (and failed) to fix the product, your contractor has tools in place for just this sort of crisis.

Being able to replace a component your partner IDs as failing keeps you from having to buy all-new boards.


Many electronics need periodic updates -- that necessary evil isn’t changing anytime soon. It could be a software update, a product recall, or some other situation where you need to make sure your product is optimized.

An electronics remanufacturing company should be able to identify required or recommended upgrades and to make sure those upgrades are completed correctly.

PCB Testing

Companies that manufacture and repair aftermarket electronics generally have the ability to test your electronic components. There are many PCB testing methods, and the scope of those services vary by contractor.

If you need testing done -- especially if you’re a regular customer -- you can easily get your remanufacturer to:

  • Test components to make sure they are functioning properly to an OEM standard
  • Test components after any repair and/or upgrade work is done
  • Make sure components meet specs and are plug-and-play (usable right out of the box)


Sometimes products that have been out in the field for a while no longer adhere to their required tolerances. These products need to be recalibrated to make sure the intended output of the product is within the right specs.

Electronic recalibration services ensure that equipment:

  • Is safe
  • Has a long life cycle
  • Doesn’t fail catastrophically, causing major expenses

More on PCB Testing & Prototyping

Aftermarket electronics services are a case of spreading out painful expenses vs. taking one huge lump all at once. For most industries, that’s a more cost-sensible way of operating.

To learn more about the testing side of aftermarket electronics manufacturing services, check out the free e-book below:




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