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Wind Turbine Pitch Control Systems as a Fault Diagnosis Tool

An underappreciated part of your wind turbine system, the pitch actuator is mainly responsible for adjusting the wind turbine pitch angle. But when the pitch actuator faults (often through no fault of its own), the dynamic response of the pitch angle either slows ...

The Latest in Fault Diagnosis Tactics for Wind Turbine Control Systems

The wind energy industry is become more and more reliant on modern technology. As the technology and stakes continue to rise in wind turbine control systems, there’s a need for new strategies in diagnosing faults. Let’s examine the emerging ways the pitch control ...

6 Advantages of Our New Digital Wind Turbine Pitch Controller

In just about any kind of electronics, the goal is to always get smaller with each new version of a product. Windurance’s latest wind turbine pitch controller aimed to achieve just that in terms of physical size and power output....

The Truth About Pitch System Downtime

When a wind turbine goes offline due to unplanned maintenance, the owner-operator can lose several thousand dollars each day. The most frequently cited culprit? At least one study has shown 23% of downtime is attributed to the pitch system. This is followed by the ...

Digital Prefilters Can Reduce Maintenance of Wind Turbines

Nov 27, 2018 4:42:59 PM

Windurance, pitch actuator systems, data & analysis

Want to drastically cut the time you spend on maintenance of your wind turbines? Look inside at the technology you’re using....

How Wind Turbine Systems Stay up to Speed With Historical Monitoring

Nov 16, 2018 9:08:56 AM

Windurance, pitch actuator systems, data & analysis

There was a time not long ago when wind turbine system condition monitoring consisted of someone driving around the towers, truck windows down, listening for sounds of trouble. Other operators might have someone open the doors to check a gauge or even had somebody ...

How to Mitigate or Even Avoid a Wind Turbine Shutdown


Building Economic Value With Your Wind Turbine Pitch System

Oct 23, 2018 5:24:35 PM

Costs, Windurance, pitch actuator systems

A wind farm is like a dairy farm. Each cow has to receive individual attention and care to keep the operation at peak efficiency and productivity. Farmers monitor their cows for every little problem that might muck up the entire operation -- just like your wind ...

The Importance of High & Low Voltage Ride Through in Wind Turbines

High and low voltage ride through refers to situations where a wind turbine is able to overcome an event that would have otherwise shut it down because of a high or low (or nonexistent) power supply. A system that can preserve its ability to generate wind energy is ...

The Difference Between Warnings & Fault Tolerant Control in Turbines

Aug 27, 2018 3:38:48 PM

Windurance, Warnings and faults

In the past few years, there has been an increase in wind energy demand all over the world. And with so many engineering systems operating long-term subsystems or sensors these days, some sort of failure is inevitable. Fault tolerant control guarantees the system is ...